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Insane Ministries is a ministry built completely on the leadership of Christ through the passion God has given Brandon to pursue Him. Brandon Digilormo, evangelist and founder of Insane Ministires, is dedicated to spreading the Gospel of Christ in creative and exciting ways but most importantly in truth. God placed in the heart of Brandon and his family a desire to reach others for His kingdom, no matter the age or the race. The eagerness and willingness to share the gospel to as many as possible, is what has become the drive behind this ministry. Insane Ministries is the outward affect of what God is doing on the inward part of Brandon.

Outreach Ministries

As a Christian Brandon believes that a large part of his life should be devoted to reaching out in to the community and abroad to spread the good news and love of Jesus Christ. Over the past several years he has been actively

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Church Events

A large part of Brandon’s evangelist ministry is in preaching at various types of church planned events and camps throughout the calendar year. He has spoken at Missions Camps, RA Camps, GA camps, Children’s camps,

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What Folks Say

"Through the years, Brandon's passion for missions and evangelism has been inspiring. We always look forward to hanging with him and his family."
-Mark Stuart of Audio Adrenaline

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